Medgraphik is a medical communications solutions group, helping full-service medical education companies and healthcare communication agencies, reach their optimum resource and quality targets.

How do we do this? We do this by sharing our pool of talent and industry savvy resources, at just the right time.

You know “that time” where — your sales team is excited that they just sold several new products and services beyond their quota; or that peak delivery date, where all projects seem to line-up with the stars; or how about when your team is finally working in perfect accord, only for one to announce their leave, due to an exciting life event.

We, Medgraphik’s leaders, have all led the operational business component at one time in our career, and we all remember well the build-up of new business offerings, missing internal resources to keep up, followed by operational peaks, and team leaves. We all found ourselves in the position of hunting for external freelancers to get through the changes, while having to maintain the day-to-day operations, an added layer to the already busiest times in our schedules.

Having been there, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer our solution to you, and manage that added layer for you, so that you may remain focused on important initiatives that require your first hand lead.

Above all, we are forward thinkers, always searching for better ways to help sustain business growth, yours first — and in turn — ours.