Medical Presentation


Need to communicate complex scientific or medical information? Medgraphik’s professional medical illustrators and graphic designers can help present your information visually, so your target audience will not only grasp your subject effortlessly, but you will be sure to leave a lasting effect.

Medgraphik builds presentations from the ground-up, or tops-off your presentations, with medically accurate and fully referenced content, quality medical illustration, and compelling presentation slides.

Whether your content is in text-only format, spreadsheets, screen shots, or hand-drawn, our specialists can create image-rich PowerPoint and/or Keynote presentations, from your slide-ready content. Or perhaps you have a topic you need to present, and need the full range of service? Our medical writers and designers listen closely to your presentation requirements and design a plan for your review. Once approved, the team develops your presentation in time for your meeting.

• Medical Illustration
• Procurement of images
• Custom diagrams, charts, tables
• Slide animation
• Presentation design makeover

For winning medical presentations that will reflect the seriousness of the topic and the professionalism of the speaker.

Content & Illustration


Scientific and medical content development is at Medgraphik’s core. We have in-depth healthcare experience — spanning a multitude of therapeutic areas. And, we draw upon this diverse expertise at every step of every project.

Medical Writing

Our medical writers develop content, based on your topic needs, and current landscape. Medical writers range from, MSc to PhD level, with relevant experience in various therapeutic areas.

• Medical writing/editing
• Instructional writing
• Referencing

Medical Illustration

Our professional medical artists interpret and create visual material to help record and disseminate medical, biological and related knowledge.

Sylvain Bélanger, a certified medical illustrator (CMI), who continues to obtain extensive training in medicine, science, and art techniques, leads our medical illustrators.

Medical illustrations are created using traditional and digital techniques, which can then appear in:

• medical textbooks
• medical advertisements
• professional journals
• lecture presentations
• instructional videos and films
• animations
• web-based media
• computer-assisted learning program
• exhibits
• general magazine
• television

Providing sound medical content and leading medical illustration — the cornerstone of healthcare communications.

Creative Services


A brand is more than a logo, name or slogan — it’s the entire experience. And most importantly, it’s the personality conveyed. Whether it be a new offering, a medical education program or event, or a new spin on an e-detail to support the new brand strategy, helping you nail it, is our goal.

Medgraphik’s creative services team is made up of skilled and experienced brand strategists, designers, and copywriters, offering deep experience in branding, print and digital design. We will work along side your “creatives” to either brainstorm, take creative direction and work cooperatively to help bring your concepts to life, or simply step in when time is of essence, and internal resources are far stretched.

Areas where we can seamlessly join in:

Branding & Design

• Create branding for a suite of digital and print deliverables, for a given event or program.
• Create a new spin on existing brands
• Create or update templates, to either reflect new corporate identities, logos or color schemes


• Write wining product, event, or program descriptions that speak to the target audience.
• Craft strategic ad copy to be used across a variety of mediums that inspires action.

Extending the backbone of creativity — making everything new, every time.

Digital Production


We define “digital production” as the process by which content (images, text, audio, video) are translated and polished into an array of media; multimedia programs, websites, digital ads, emails, social, print, so that each digital experience gives the message you are aiming for, at just the right time.

If you are in the business of informing, enriching, and helping your audience, then we can’t help but think how to make it that much better, so that your audience comes back again and again.

From careful video/audio editing, to adding the final production design touches, our team of digital producers can encode, edit, synch, pre-press and integrate, to produce a fine-tuned experience for your target audience. For professional narration by experienced medical broadcasters and voiceovers, or translation — we’ve got it covered.

When strong creative is backed by effective execution — you can go home.